How Incorporating Natural Design Elements Can Help You Sleep

Since having moved to California, I've had to adapt to different sleep environments several times, and let me tell you, it has been SO. HARD.  Before I left Oklahoma, I had to get rid of my pillow top mattress that I was absolutely obsessed over and had for more than four years. It was the best thing ever. It was one of those beds that you just never want to get out of. I didn't realize how much I'd miss it!

In my pursuit to create a relaxing sleeping environment in my new apartment, I discovered that it's not as easy as it seems; you must be intentional in your choices, and it does take time to find quality products that actually deliver what they claim. Investing in a quality mattress, comforter, and linens make all the difference, so it's so important to do your research before you buy anything. 

Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep

Speaking of that, I bought a comforter that happened to be absolutely heavenly. It's called Buffy, and TRUST ME, it does feel like a cloud (as they claim). You can try out a Buffy comforter for FREE for 30 nights. Check it out here! On the flip, I was not so lucky with my Ikea mattress that I bought. It literally has taken months of getting used to because it is a lot more firm than I am used to or prefer. I am actually so tempted to try out a Nectar Sleep Mattress. I've always wanted a memory foam mattress, but I always thought they were so expensive! I feel like the market has really opened up, so there are a lot of affordable options now. I wish I had known about Nectar Sleep because they have a 365-day trial and they ship to your door, which would've saved me so much time! Ugh. Oh well, I'm glad I'm at least able to share it with you all today. I have some amazing discount codes for you at the end of this post if you are interested in trying out a Nectar Sleep Mattress

Before this becomes too long of an intro, let's just jump into this post! From pillows to sheets, to the paint on the walls and the decor you choose, everything matters down to the smallest detail. I kid you not, they make such a difference. So, I'm sharing some tips on how incorporating natural design elements into your bedroom space can help you sleep. 

Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep

Fresh air, flowers, and natural design elements don't just look good: they can make you feel good. Although good sleep habits are a part of quality sleep, they're only one piece of the puzzle. Your sleep environment is a factor as well. Where you sleep and how you feel while in your sleep environment - your bedroom - can influence the quality and quantity of your sleep. In addition, incorporating natural elements in your bedroom design can support healthy sleep.



Natural Elements Can Help Improve Sleep

Bedroom air quality can affect sleep quality. In a recent study, the sleep quality of participants improved with fresher bedroom air. They felt better the next day, less sleepy, and more able to concentrate. In fact, those who slept in a well-ventilated bedroom performed better on a test of logical thinking.

Bringing natural elements into your bedroom can help with healing and health as well. In a study of hospital patients recovering from abdominal surgery, patients in rooms with plants and flowers showed more positive signs of healing. They had lower blood pressure and heart rate, lower pain, anxiety, and fatigue ratings, and had more positive feelings about their rooms. Patients with plants and flowers in their rooms asked for fewer painkillers after surgery as well.



Elements to Use in Your Bedroom

With fresh air, plants, flowers, and other natural design elements, you can make your bedroom a more comfortable place to sleep. Incorporate these natural design elements to turn your bedroom into a natural sleep retreat:


Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep
Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep
Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep
Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep

Add houseplants

Spending time in nature can improve your mood and energy levels, thereby reducing stress and calming your nervous system. Houseplants can naturally clear the air and enhance the quality of air in your bedroom. A golden pothos or Boston fern can be practical and attractive.


Use a fan

Moving air around can help improve air quality and make your bedroom air more breathable. Consider an overhead fan, pedestal fan, or a fan on your nightstand.

Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep


Choose natural fibers

Natural fibers such as cotton or bamboo are naturally more breathable and comfortable to sleep on. Synthetic materials are typically not as breathable and may cause you to feel hot and uncomfortable during the night. However, cooling mattress toppers are a synthetic option that helps with dissipating heat.

Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep

Pick wooden furniture

Using wood in your bedroom can incorporate another element of nature. Instead of a wrought iron headboard, choose a wooden one. Genuine wood furniture with a light stain is best, but a wood look or painted wood can be helpful as well.

Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep

Paint walls a natural color

Wall color can have a significant impact on your sleep quality. Blue is the best color for sleep, offering feelings of calmness and reassurance. Other natural colors, especially pastel, light, and neutral tones, can have a calming effect.

Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep
Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep

Incorporate natural daylight

Although light at night can interfere with your circadian rhythm, it's a good idea to get exposure to natural light early in the day. Use blackout curtains that you can close at night, then open in the morning when you wake up to get a blast of natural light to start your day.


Hang photos of nature

You don't have to have a good view out of your window to get a good look at nature. You can improve your mood by adding images of a natural landscape into your bedroom.

Hello Lovely Living | Design For A Better Sleep


Go screen free

Screen time before bed can interfere with a healthy circadian rhythm, leaving you feeling too energized at night to fall asleep when you should be tired. It's best not to have a TV or computer in your bedroom at all, or turn off screens - including mobile devices - at least one hour before bed.

There ya have it - the simplest ways to make your bedroom more sleep-friendly. Here are just a few more photos from my beautiful stay at Ours in Downtown LA. If you are ever looking for a little getaway or Airbnb in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, California, I highly suggest this spot.

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