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Uriah and I took a day trip to Palm Springs over the weekend, and I wanted to share what we did, so in this post I will be doing just that. If you are in the SoCal area, Palm Springs is a great destination for a quick getaway. I wanted to plan my trip so that it was kid-friendly since it was Uriah and I on this trip, so I have compiled a few places that you can consider if you have children too. The Palm Springs Home Page was a great resource for me to start when planning my itinerary for the day. | Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Palm Springs

On the way to Palm Springs, the perfect pit stop is less than 30 minutes out from Downtown Palm Springs if you are heading east from Orange County. Cabazon Dinosaurs is an iconic pop culture attraction located just outside of Palm Springs and was featured in Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure and The Wizard. Mr. Rex’s Dinosaur Adventure includes a dinosaur exhibit featuring over 50 lifelike dinosaurs, a dinosaur dig, fossil panning, and access to climb inside Mr. Rex all the way up to his mouth.


Uriah absolutely loved it there, even if we didn’t get to go into the exhibit. It’s a nice stop and we simply enjoyed the large dinosaur statues that were outdoors and the dinosaur-themed shop that was located inside one of the dinosaurs. This is a must-go for snapping some photos of some unforgettable memories. | Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Palm Springs | Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Palm Springs

That was our first stop, and then we were headed straight to Downtown Palm Springs. On our way, we could see the vast amount of windmills sprawled across the desert, which is also a popular attraction that is worth the view along with the beautiful mountainous landscape.

Once we got to Palm Springs, we were welcomed by beautiful palm trees and a drive through the main downtown strip that is lined with an abundance of shops and restaurants. Instead of exploring the usual attractions, I chose Frank In Bun as our lunch spot since I knew they had kid-friendly food options such as fries, corn dogs, etc., and of course, their interior was Instagram-worthy and very charming, which was a must! It’s great to go off and explore places that are a little hidden and off the beaten path, so that is what I chose to do. | Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Palm Springs

Once we were all finished with lunch, we headed back to the downtown area which was just a couple mins away, and I parked a few blocks out so that I had effortless parking and could just walk a few short minutes. On our walk, we came across a beautiful mural of Marilyn Manroe and we could see Palm Spring’s version of The Walk of Stars along the sidewalks. There is a lively arts district in Palm Springs, and you can find many art museums and shops in the area, so be sure to explore.


We then headed to a small boho shop called Thick As Thieves. It is located along Downtown South, which is at the very end of the Downtown strip, so it was less busy, and I loved that. The shop was quite small, but had miscellaneous and cute bohemian-themed home accessories and decor. | Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Palm Springs

Along the side of the shop, there was a cute alleyway with additional shops, which happened to be my favorite spot from the trip because there were perfect little photo backdrops that I just loved. It had a very cottage-like feel, and it was a cute area that Uriah enjoyed exploring and running through. I also took a lot of cute shots of him there.


We then crossed the street, and in a few minutes, we were at Rudy’s General Store Museum, a recreated 1930’s shop filled with old fashioned, unused products. It was pretty interesting to see how many authentic products they had that were in such great condition. None of it was on sale, though - bummer! I also thought it would be fun for Uriah, but he didn’t really get the concept yet haha, so we didn’t stay too long, plus it was a very small shop, so look to spending only a few minutes there browsing through. They also charge a $1 admission, but that is not too bad at all!

After that, we stopped by at a candy shop just located right outside of the museum called Palm Springs Fudge & Chocolates. They have various sweet options as well as Dippin’ Dots. Uriah just got bought a ring pop, then we headed back to the car because we only had an hour before the sun would be going down. | Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Palm Springs

I decided to find an outdoor park/playground for Uriah to get his energy out at and have some fun since much of the attractions were geared toward indoor activities. I found a playground called Demuth Park, which had really great reviews and looked like a fun spot for him with huge slides. It was only about 10 minutes away. So, we headed there, and he had such a great time. | Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Palm Springs | Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Palm Springs

Before the sun went down, I decided to find “That Pink Door”. If you are an avid Instagram-addict like myself, you would have seen and heard about this popular Palm Springs Instagram-photo-op destination. Since it is private property, I simply drove past and didn’t stop to take photos, but happy nonetheless to see it in person. The homeowners have since announced that they do not want anyone to take photos there anymore, so I respected their wishes! Watch my vlog for all the footage though of me driving through and getting excited to see it in the wild.

So, that was it and the end of our trip! The sun had gone down, so I headed back home which was a 2-hour drive. I enjoyed our quick little mini getaway! Exploring a different environment and soaking in the different scenery is always my favorite thing to do to reset and recharge. There is a lot more to do in Palm Springs that I would have loved to do, so I will list just a few other things that may be of interest to you if you are planning a trip there soon! Another great resource that I highly recommend is the Palm Springs Home Page, so make sure to check them out for ideas of what to do in the area.


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I hope you enjoyed this little travel inspiration post! I encourage you to get out there and explore your area! There is so much to see and do, and you don’t need to go out of state or spend a ton of money to experience different things, sceneries, and environments. Be sure to also watch our vlog from this trip for some extra footage of Palm Springs on my YouTube channel or click the video below.


have you been to palm springs? what is your favorite spot?