Another Year Older - A Note To my Sons

Last month was my birthday, and the reality hits me every time another year passes that my time is getting shorter and shorter on this earth. I know. You must be thinking I’m crazy for being so dramatic. Heck, you probably think I’m still in my 20’s! #iwish

I may still be in my early 30’s, but I feel like the years go by faster these days than any time in my life. I can’t help but think about the value of time more seriously and try to come to terms with how I am not getting any younger with each day that passes. Just as I can’t come to terms with how my children are growing so fast and getting older, I look at myself and realize that I have less time to be here to enjoy them and life itself. I am so much more aware about how limited time is that it has become something that I think about a lot these days.

For purposes of being more dramatic, here is a note to my boys that I thought I’d share: Dear Kodi and Uriah, If you every get a chance to read this, although it is a little early to be having this conversation, I want you to know that I am getting OLD(er), and although I may be considered “young” right now, one day I will lose my strength and need you both: my two strong boys to come to my rescue. One day, I will be the one needing you both more than you need me. Ps. On a lighter note, I hope you both give me a gazillion grandkids! LOL

All joking aside, I also think about my mom and how she is getting older too - even though she never seems to age! I think about how I want her to start enjoying her years more and to finally be the one who is cared for at this time in her life. I wish she didn’t have to worry about anything anymore and that every burden could be lifted from her. Now that I know what i't’s like to be a mother, I can say that I’ve walked a day in her shoes and that she deserves the world for keeping it together all these years.

I remember how my mom cared for my grandmother, and how she lived to be 92 years old. Seeing my grandma reach the age where she was changing, mentally and physically, really took a toll on me. I remember visiting her one day and dropping off a flower arrangement I had made in one of my college classes. I didn’t get to give it to her directly because she was resting at the time, but I just remember hoping so much that she would know how much I loved her even though she wasn’t able to understand things like she used to.

With all that said, let’s not forget about our parents and our elders and really think about ways that we can help them, even in the smallest way. What can you do today that could show your parents or elders how much you care for them? Here are a few ways to show concern and care for them as shared by a Hello Lovely Living contributor.

Look Up Helpful Information

Thanks to the internet, we can find out about pretty much anything we want. There are hundreds of articles and videos that can explain how our parents are feeling as they age, what they can do to keep busy as the years pass, and how you can contribute to their life at each stage.

Simply Visit

Just showing up and being there for them can mean so much. In some cases, a lot of seniors are left isolated in their homes with nobody to talk to, and it can be a sad existence. Being social is very healthy for the mind, and being around others regularly can do a world of good for them.

Hire A Care Service

If you’re finding it a little difficult to do things yourself, you can always get the help of professionals. There are specialists near you who have worked in senior home care for years and will be able to shift the weight off your shoulders and ensure your loved one’s safety at all times if there are things that have become overwhelming to handle on your own. It can save you a lot of stress, and you can use the time you do have with them to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Help Them Feel A Sense Of Purpose

As people get older, they find that they can’t exactly do things they could before – and if they were passionate about them, it could bring them down and make them feel like they don’t have purpose anymore. Try to help them find new hobbies and interests that can lift their spirits and bring smiles.

Keep Them Active

If they are still somewhat able, perhaps encourage them to go for walks – maybe even jogs if they can. If they are unable to move well, there are still many exercises that older people can do to keep the blood pumping and the endorphins releasing. It might be a struggle, but it’s obviously way better for them than just sitting around.  

Keep Them current With Technology

Technology is advancing quickly, and many people are utilizing the newest tech. It’s not essential, but maybe introducing them to the latest gadgets and updates can be of interest to them. The new tech could help them keep in touch with friends and family, and they won’t feel as intimidated about learning about it with your help.h

I hope you enjoyed this post! Our elders need us more and more as time goes by. I hope you will reach out to someone special in your life and show them just how much they mean to you. We have such a limited time to do it, so why not do it today.

What is one thing you can do today to show your elders you care?