On The Road To Recovery And Healing

Three weeks ago, I was faced with a decision that I wasn’t expecting to make on the spot as I went in for a doctor’s check-up for my Pilonidal cyst that had flared up over several weeks.

A pilonidal cyst that I had acquired more than 10 years ago was now rearing it’s ugly head yet again. This was the third time it had flared up over that timeframe, but I had ultimately learned to live with it up to this point.

What made the difference this time around is that it had grown in size over a decade, and with it now being inflamed and so much larger in size, I knew the time was now to finally do something about it.

If anyone is not familiar with Pilonidal cysts, they aren’t technically cysts as they are so aptly called. They are complex abscesses that can be difficult to heal due to their location on the body. I will not go into detail about it within this post, but I am thinking about sharing my full story once I feel like I am completely healed and recovered from it.


I noticed that I had to take action and see a doctor once the pain and soreness began spreading elsewhere on my body. It was a huge cause for concern because I had never experienced these other symptoms in all my time having it. It was a good thing that I did go in because the doctor immediately advised me to have it opened and drained right then and there or else it would continue to swell in size.

I decided to do the procedure because there was no better time than now, and after doing so much research and reading people’s stories on forums for years, I didn’t want to prolong facing it another day.

It’s been several weeks since I got the procedure done, and so far my body is healing well, but of course, there is still a risk that it will come back and that I would need to undergo a more extensive procedure to remove it completely. Surgery is definitely something I want to avoid at all costs, so I am doing everything in my power to allow myself the rest and time to heal.

Along with caring for an open wound and encouraging drainage, there is a lot of pain that comes with the removal procedure including packing the wound every other day with packing strips to help it heal from the inside out and preventing it from closing. I’ve had to avoid putting any strain on the area, and it’s been difficult to even walk. To relieve the pain, I took pain medication for several days (thankfully I’m off of it now) and I was very careful not to put any sort of pressure on the area.


A package from CBDMEDIC came just in time for some added relief for my sore muscles. As I had mentioned earlier, as a result of my inflammation, I was experiencing muscle aches and pain elsewhere on my body. The tension was concentrated more on the right side of my lower back, butt, and my calves - I know, very strange locations to be experiencing muscle soreness, but I believe it all was tied to the fact that my body was fighting a serious battle!

Since I did receive this package after I had already done my procedure, the muscle soreness had calmed down a lot, but I applied the Back & Neck Pain Relief to the different areas I was still experiencing tenderness for added comfort, and it was soothing and provided a numbing effect.

I have touched on my use of CBD oil products in the past and have done several posts going in depth about it if you would like to learn more about its health benefits. In this case, the hemp seed oil and effective analgesic ingredients like menthol and camphor in CBDMEDIC pain relief products are a safe alternative to reducing inflammation for people who suffer from acute pain.


I do plan on using the Active Sport Pain Relief once I start back on exercising. This experience has really forced me to really take care of my health first and foremost, so exercising and eating well are also at the top of my list. The feeling of being held back from physical ailments became real to me these past few weeks, so I can’t wait to be optimally functioning again.

CBDMEDIC products can be found at your local CVS Pharmacy, and you can check out CBDMEDIC online for detailed information on ingredients and the different products available.

I hope to share my complete Pilonidal journey once I have more answers as to the progress of my healing and the future outlook of this condition. Many people suffer from this condition, and there is a lot of fear tied to it. I hope that my story ends in complete healing. I also hope you find relief and healing in your own personal pain story.

This post is sponsored by CBDMEDIC but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.