HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me
HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me

Hello Lovely Living is an inspiring place for dreamers + doers to grow. Around these neck of the inter-woods, I seek to cultivate within you: inner and outer growth and a passion-filled, purpose-driven existence both personally and professionally.




Hello Lovely Living exists for online creative entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers, and content creators AKA Boss Babes from all walks of life - and those desiring to be. The mission: Form a community where we encourage, support, and inspire each other to be our best selves - all the while sharing our unique gifts and making the world a prettier + happier place (in other words, saving the world). 


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HelloLovelyLiving | Encouragement


I believe that you are - first and foremost - AH-MAZING! Just had to make that clear off the bat. I believe that encouragement is so important and that we lift ourselves by lifting others.

HelloLovelyLiving | Growth


I believe that you were created to succeed and that a chord of three strands is better than one. When you are supported, uplifted and surrounded by those that value you, you grow. And that my love, is what I am here for - to help you grow.

HelloLovelyLiving | Connection


I believe that you have goals and aspirations - and that's where I also come in. I want to help you succeed by connecting with you and helping you connect with others that understand you and that also want to see you succeed.

HelloLovelyLiving | Resources


I believe that, with the right resources, you can be propelled to even greater heights that - coupled with passion + purpose - will take you beyond your wildest dreams. 

So, for the record, if you are in the business of making your dreams come true + want to grow, this is your happy place! 

At Hello Lovely Living, my goal is to provide a safe space where you can come for encouragement and leave feeling inspired and refreshed + walk away with resources that will help you grow and connect - whether that be personally or professionally. 

HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me

I have a love for nature and the outdoors, so if you see me being a #crazyplantlady - yes, that is me! I discovered my love for photography through snapping photos of plants, and it has evolved into a love for styling photos, settings, and scenes.

This has led me on a new journey where I decided to launch my very own online shop where I sell downloadable styled stock photography and digital prints made by yours truly. I want to help boss babes have access to beautifully styled images that are reasonably priced - while not having to ever compromise on quality.

HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me
HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me

I also have a passion for wellness, living authentically, and discovering ways to become my best self every day. Wellness could be anything from choosing to eat better foods, reducing exposure to harmful sources (products, ingredients, etc.), and learning new ways to live more naturally and in a way that nurtures the body from the inside out.

It is also putting the focus on the inner self as well - learning how to live a more joy-filled and love-filled life and constantly growing and evolving into my authentic self - free from judgement, fear, and hindrance. You will find me focusing a lot on wellness and personal development topics because it is a major part of what I'm about. 


At Hello Lovely Living, you will also have access to my library of free downloads including wallpapers, styled stock photos, print-ables, worksheets, guides, + more. 

You will also get to meet and hear stories by inspiring boss babes who are making their dreams a reality by carving out their own path and future. You won't leave here without feeling inspired in some way - that's for sure!

HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me
HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me

So, if you're saying to yourself, I can be BFFs with this chick, then I'd love to have you stay a while (more like forever) where we can have a ton of fun together and become buds (the pretty, flower kind). For starters, you can sign up for my newsletter here to get an occasional lowdown of what's happening - including any new and useful free resources. You can also follow me on any of my social media accounts where I post some pretty cool stuff (just saying) that I'm guessing, you will LOVE. Instagram is the current fave - especially Instagram stories - where you get to really see me in action.


Flash back to when I was a little girl in her room trying so hard to curb off boredom (pre-tech days): I loved to decorate the house in general, rearrange my room (more like the entire house) - like every day - and get crafty. I would oftentimes ask my mom if I could buy decor for my room instead of something else you might expect a little girl to want. While doing the dishes, I would pretend that an audience was watching me, and I would recite a DIY tutorial in my head about how to wash the dishes. Too funny, right? I read ALL of the self-development books lying around the house because they intrigued me. Then came computers and Myspace (finally), and there I was customizing my profile by messing with the code. I always dreamt of having my own blog or website, but never knew where to start. Myspace is where my fascination with the online space all started. See - Myspace wasn't just for nothing!

HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me

I became a teen mom at age 17 and went off to college soon after -  juggling modeling gigs and working full-time hours as a graphic designer. I went on to attain a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and continued on my career path as a graphic designer and marketing administrator soon after.


After having worked continuously from the age of 16 - by age 28 - I reached a really difficult turning point in my life; I realized that I wanted more for myself and my family than just your standard 9-5. I was never completely satisfied or fulfilled with my work, and I have always been one to seek the truth in every situation, so I began to question my path and search for answers. I wanted to create something for myself, but most importantly do something that I loved whole-heartedly. I wanted fulfillment. So, with my heart to guide me this time around - and not a paycheck - I decided to launch Hello Lovely Living.

HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me
HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me

This website was a passion project, and what I discovered about myself here has literally been life-changing. That little girl who loved to decorate, design, and get her arts and crafts on was still there. When I decided to follow my heart instead of a paycheck, I found myself and discovered what truly makes me happy and giddy and all that good stuff.

Hello Lovely Living has evolved over the course of a several years and I really want to help you, the creators, the makers, the doers and game-changers! I want to connect beyond the screen and really help you all in some way, whether it be the teeniest tiniest tip or the most life-altering realization that you are incredible and the world needs to experience your gift!


Behind the screens and above all else, I am a mommy to two beautiful boys, Kodi and Uriah, and a wife to my phenomenal husband, Brian. They have my heart for eternity. I serve an awesome, amazing God for whom I give all glory and praise to for everything I am and everything I hope to be. And I can't exit without giving a shoutout to the place that will always have my heart: My beautiful island home - Guam - the most beautiful place on earth where I was born and raised and that I carry in my heart wherever I go. 

HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me
HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Minted - one of the fastest growing online marketplaces for independent artists and designers. You can see that post here. I was also 1 out of 15 semi-finalists in the hunt for the First-Ever Mrs. Meyer's Home Maker in 2015. You can see my DIY submission here and see my submission video here (for a limited time). I have also had the privilege of collaborating (giveaways/campaigns) with the following companies: TargetPLANT ApothecaryUprooted Skincare, and Visit Frisco, TX



Want to learn more about me? Take a look around, friend, or shoot me a tweet and ask away. I don't bite. Ever. Haha! I am currently based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but my heart is calling me back to the nearest body of water or ocean.  #islandgirlproblems

HelloLovelyLiving.com | About Me

So will you join me? Will you be a part of this epic journey as I navigate this dream of mine? Will you navigate your dream while being supported by a bunch of other dreamers + doers? Let's do this ... together!

Wait - Before you leave ...
Perfect is for straight lines and edges. I’m as curved as my heart
— j. iron word