Eco-Fashion Tips + Rose Market Review and Coupon Code

I love discovering sustainable and eco-conscious companies, so I was thrilled to receive a box from Rose Market featuring vintage eco-chic pieces (stay tuned at the end for a review and discount code). What's great about vintage fashion is that it is timeless. After all, the definition of fashion can be summed up as recycled trends, so there's no surprise why vintage is always in style. Pair vintage pieces with eco-fashion, and you have the epitome of sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion. This is a perfect fit for anyone who prefers quality over quantity when it comes to clothing. Buying clothes that are made of high quality fabrics and that will last you a long time will save you a lot of money over the years compared to buying trendier and cheaper items that are likely made from fabrics that wear easily.

So, what is eco-fashion? It's simply sustainable fashion - clothing made from recycled or up-cycled materials, manufactured in an environmentally conscious way, and produced without harmful pesticides, chemicals, dyes, or bleaches. Once perceived as dull and boring and made from materials that were stiff and unattractive, eco-fashion is now a rising high quality segment and has been catching on in popularity by big name brands, designers, and celebrities. It's part of living sustainably and consciously in a world of disposable and wasteful living. Bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp are just some of the many durable materials that are being used to produce high quality clothing. I love how the demand for these materials is increasing, which means that these fabrics will become more accessible. Keep any eye out for these options and see how much of a difference these fabrics look and feel. They are truly worth it!

Here are some products made from sustainable materials:

Eco-fashion also includes items that are gently used and resold. Many companies have jumped on this growing trend and there are many apps available that make it easier than ever to buy and sell. Some big name brands will even buy back your gently used clothing and resell or recycle items for use for charitable causes (read more). Here are a few companies where you can buy/sell affordable, yet high-quality recycled fashion.

Eco-Fashion Tips + Rose Market Review and Coupon Code

Disclosure: A box was provided by Rose Market for consideration. All opinions are my own.

Rose Market is a clothing subscription service that upholds the cause for sustainable fashion and offers personalized services with outfits styled just for you. Vintage up-styled pairing pieces together with trendy accessories make up the mix when you receive your very own customized box delivered right to you. Choose from three subscription boxes - The Rosebud, The Bouquet, and The Garden Party (how cute are the names). See a detailed list of options HERE

When I opened my box, I was greeted with a personal note, which was very sweet and thoughtful. What my box came with:

  • Peach kimono-style top
  • Black scarf/belt
  • Pearl cuff bracelet
  • Rose Market Rose Spritzer
Eco-Fashion Tips + Rose Market Review and Coupon Code

Love list:

  • Chic - Very chic and timeless items. 
  • Personalized: The color of the top was a perfect choice for me as I am in love with the color peach.
  • Versatile: The items that it came with could easily create several outfits. 
  • Variety: A variety of items are included, which make it a well-rounded box of useful staples.
  • Sustainable: Items are classic and can be worn for a long time. 
Eco-Fashion Tips + Rose Market Review and Coupon Code

Overall thoughts - I really enjoyed this box, most especially what the company stands for. I am all for supporting companies that are conscious about the impact they can make on the world. It's great to know that these items were sourced sustainably. Every dollar that you spend endorses a product or brand's specific vision and encourages it's growth, so why not make it worth it! 

Get yours! Through July, receive 20% OFF your first box using the code SUMMERLOVE.

Visit for more information.

I hope you enjoyed this post! We can all make a difference in the world no matter how small. 

How do you live sustainably/eco-consciously? 


xo stina