Inspiration Monday | Change

Inspiration Monday | Hello Lovely Living

It's Monday, and I'm excited! You know, once upon a time, I wasn't this chipper about Mondays because I fell into the norm that is hating that the weekends were over. But now, after taking on a different perspective that every day is just as important as the other, I get ecstatic because it's like starting fresh and brand new all over again. I am all about new beginnings. Every single day should be a new beginning filled with things that enliven us and get us enthusiastic about life.

In this week's Monday Inspiration, I share a quote that I live by: "Growth requires change." One of the certainties in life is that there will always be change, so we must learn to embrace it and use it as a launching pad. Change forces us to reevaluate everything we once knew. What was once comfortable is no longer comforting and secure to us. It forces us to look for alternatives that we otherwise would not have discovered had we not been shaken. It forces us down paths that we thought were impossible or scary. God is more concerned about our growth than our comfort. So, when you find yourself down a path that seems so challenging, realize that you are moving toward a better version of yourself. 

When change comes, get excited, because that is where all of the excitement lies. That is where you will discover how thrilling life can be outside of your comfort zone. If you feel stuck or lost at any point in your life, do something that scares you! Usually the thing that we most fear of is the very thing we need to be doing. I hope this idea sparks something within you to embrace change and take on a new perspective about it daily. Have an absolutely amazing week! <3

How do you deal with change? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!