Hello Fall! + Blogger Fall Home Tours

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With Fall upon us, I can't help but get excited for the holidays to come and the cool sweater weather ahead. Although I come from an island, I can say that I will never get used to the heat, especially when it reaches a blistering 100 degrees and above here in Oklahoma. Being in the Midwest has exposed me to some very harsh weather conditions, so I've learned to really appreciate nice weather and being outdoors on those perfect-weather days. It's not always possible because it's normally either too hot or too cold most months of the year. 

Fall is such a fun time to get into the holiday spirit and decorate your home with bright colors, bring natural elements indoors, and create a cozy atmosphere. In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing a bunch of Fall design roundups that will get you inspired to bust out your inner Martha. I remember watching her show when I was little and wanting to be just like her. I think that's where my love for all things home started. I was OBSESSED! Remember when she would say "It's a good thing." I loved it!

So, to kick off my Fall posts, I wanted to share some really awesome resources that I came across that a group of Bloggers put together every year. They opened up their homes for Fall and share some pretty incredible ideas for decorating for the season. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did and get inspired! Here are a few shots from one of the homes I really enjoyed from Bliss At Home's 2014 and 2015 Fall Home Tour. She used non-traditional colors and decor elements, which I love.

Click on the links below and scroll all the way to the end of each post to see all of the home tour links.

Blogger Stylin' Home Tours 2015 

Blogger Stylin' Home Tours 2014

Which home was your favorite and what is your favorite thing about Fall? Do share in the comments! 

Hello Fall! + Blogger Fall Home Tours

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