My Relaxation Techniques - How To Unwind And Destress During The Work Week

This post is sponsored by POP SECRET® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I believe it is so important to listen to our bodies and to be proactive about responding to it in a caring way. Sometimes we just need a little break, so having a number of things to fall back on to help us unwind is essential in recharing and getting back in line with being able to present the very best version of ourselves the next time around.

In this article, I’ll be sharing a few ways of how I unwind and destress during the week because who wants to wait until the weekend! I hope you enjoy this post, so let’s get into it!


 work on something new

I know that many people might attribute work to stress, but that is not always the case, especially if you are doing something that you are passionate about and that you love. I do agree that there are some parts of my business that aren’t as enjoyable as others, but there are many other aspects of it that I truly do enjoy and feel rewarded by. 

My favorite aspects of my creative business are blogging, making videos, photography, and designing, so these are things that I love to do when I want to unwind. I just love to create, so when I start a new project, I feel excited and fulfilled in so many ways. I turn to these things when I need that boost, and I am at my best when I am creating and coming up with new ideas for my business.

If you have a day job that you are not happy with, try to create a side-hustle that you can find joy in. When you are looking to unwind from your day job, turn to it, and watch it grow little by little. You’d be surprised at how eager you will become to work on this new gig, and it will become a way for you to put your energy toward something that you are truly passionate about. You’ll develop a sense of purpose in this process, and who knows, you could potentially make that into your full-time career!


Make something by hand

I recently picked up macrame as a new way to express myself, and I have found it to be so relaxing. I have always loved to make things by hand, so learning macrame and being able to create new designs has been so fulfilling.

I have found that handmade projects are so relaxing because it really forces me to focus on what I’m doing instead of what I’m thinking. This is why it’s such a great way to relax. I literally zone out when I am making a piece and enter a really peaceful place where I can focus my thoughts around the beauty of what I’m making and the anticipation of what it will turn out to be.

At the end of it, I feel rewarded by the outcome of my macrame piece because the end result is always different from what I had expected. I also learn so much along the way, which builds my skill little by little. 

I encourage you to do a handmade hobby as well. You can pick up on a hobby that you had when you were little or start a new one. There are so many things to do these days, so just start with anything that you’ve always wanted to learn or do, and just go for it! You’ll be surprised with what you get out of it. 


treat your tummy

Who can ever disagree about the power of food! I love to eat, and I don’t always indulge, so when I am feeling the need to unwind and destress, snacking always does the trick. There’s something nostalgic about eating snacks from my childhood, so I typically try to pick up any of those types of snacks, but of course there are classics like POP SECRET® that I can just literally buy anywhere. I can even buy Pop Secret on Amazon. There’s something about curling up with a big bowl of warm, freshly-popped POP SECRET® popcorn that just feels so homey and relaxing, right! 


If you follow me on Instagram, I sometimes share what I’m snacking on in my stories. The other day it was nachos, prior to that it was asian snacks, and sometimes it is an artichoke or a baked potato with cheese, so it really depends on what I am craving


I’m sure I just made you hungry right about now, but isn’t it the truth! Sometimes you just need those feel-good foods in your system, especially if you are usually strict on yourself and rarely indulging in the foods that make you happy-happy


care for your plants

Caring for my plants has always been a small practice during the day that can instantly boost my spirits. I can be in the middle of a long and stressful day when I take a minute to touch and acknowledge my plant-babies, and it immediately makes me so happy and changes my mood.

Recently, I did a video about how to propagate a rubber tree cutting, which is a perfect example of me unwinding and destressing. I remember feeling overwhelmed and not in such a productive mood that day, so I decided to film that video and share it with you guys. It was such a simple task to do, but it really brightened my day and made me feel so good.

If you are not a plant person, perhaps you have a pet that can instantly brighten your mood. Turning to something or someone who is nonjudgemental and that can simply be there as a source of love is so uplifting. The truth is, it is not always useful or necessary to turn to people when you have so many other ways of venting and expelling that negative energy. You wouldn’t want to pass it onto them if it’s something you can easily take care of yourself.


care for yourself

It’s so important to take care of yourself just as you would your loved ones. Sometimes we can feel guilty about giving ourselves too much attention, but that is the only way that we are going to be happy and whole and able to put our best foot forward.

When you are feeling overwhelmed with things, try to do at least one thing that shows care for yourself. It could be as simple as taking a bath, plucking your eyebrows that you’ve let grow out for a week, or playing your favorite sounds and dancing away in the shower. Selfcare is just being in tune with what makes you happy, so it really depends on you and what you’re feeling at that moment.

Some of my favorite daily self-care activities are starting my day with warm, green tea, music, and a great breakfast so that I am ready for the day ahead. If I’m feeling like I need that extra boost, I will do something that makes me feel pretty such as giving myself a mani and pedi or doing my makeup even if I’m just heading out for errands. It’s the small things that truly make a difference.


So, there you have it - 5 ways to unwind and destress during the work week! I hope you found some useful tips from this article. Please do share how you unwind and destress in the comments below. Until next time, have a wonderful day!

What are some ways that you unwind and destress?