A Little Spring Encouragement + Free Digital Print

Spring has sprung! Seeing the sight of trees in bloom not only gets me excited for warmer months, but it refreshes my perspective and it reminds me that there is beauty in the wait. There are so many subtle reminders in nature that provide the lessons that we need, and I believe that nothing happens by accident. There is a reason for everything. However, like my quote illustrates below, although everything happens for a reason, some things happen for a season.

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Yes, we'd all like to believe that everything lasts, but the reality is that life is transient by nature. Things happen that shake up our very existence only to challenge our ability to stand strong in the midst of it. What happens on that testing ground determines the outcome of our circumstances.  

I was having a talk with my son, Kodi, and he made a statement that was so profound. "Thoughts are fluid." I mean, coming from a 14-year-old, that simply blew me away. What he meant by this statement was that you can't control people's thoughts. They change. People change. I mean! Proud mama moment right there.

If thoughts are fluid, we as human beings are, too. We were not meant to be in a solid, permanent state. We were meant to move and adapt. Just like every living thing adapts to the changing seasons, we must do the same. We must also learn to recognize unhealthy patterns in our life and initiate change. 


Sometimes we grow
in a twisted, sideways manner
rather than straight up

but in the end,
our branches
always seek the light

and the trees
that bear
the sweetest fruit
the longest winters.
— April Green


As the new season approaches, I just want to encourage those of you in particular that may be going through a difficult season. Know that it is not meant to destroy you, but to build you. It will not last forever, it will pass. 

Get excited when there is a time of resistance in life because that is the very time when your strength will come out. You don't know how much you have within you until you are tested. Take this time as an opportunity to bring out the best in yourself and develop areas that you haven't really paid attention to. Shed the old, welcome the new.


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In my personal experience, I've learned how to recognize the different seasons of my life for what they are and not be resistant to whatever lessons that I am supposed to learn in those moments. I actually get really excited when things get hard and difficult because I know that just by going through those experiences, I am growing through them. I welcome every opportunity that requires me to take a deeper look at my life and myself because I don't ever want to be comfortable in my ways or lead a comfortable life where I am never challenged or never challenge myself.

I created the free digital print that you see above for you to frame and keep up as a reminder for those times when it's hard to see things for what they are. Rest in the idea that everything happens for a reason, but know that some things happen for a season. Your seasons do not necessarily define you, you define how your seasons will impact you - either positively or negatively.

Cheers to experiencing the fulness of life through every season!



I hope you enjoyed this little reminder and that it encouraged you through whatever season you are currently facing today. If you need more inspiration on the daily, I post every day on Instagram + keep you motivated and inspired with uplifting content. I'd love to see you over there!

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