DIY Modern Plant Stand Projects Because #PlantLady

DIY Modern Plant Stand Projects Because #PlantLady |

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Being a plant lady these days bring me great, great joy. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined how happy plants could make me, but they do.

Could I survive alone in a jungle? Probably.

Yes - that's how happy they make me, and maybe some of you can relate to my obsession.

Lately, I've been wanting to get my hands on every known modern plant stand out there at the moment.

Of course, not one of those has made its way into my home (YET), which makes me very sad.

So, in the meantime, I decided to compile a roundup of DIY Plant Stand Projects that makes waiting one more second that more bearable until my hubby lets me start on another DIY project.

Let's just say, I have a lot of projects that he'd like to see completed before I start on a new one!

Hopefully, I can start on another project soon enough once I share my latest project with you all, which I have nearly given up on but keep faith that it will soon come together. The struggle is real! #PrayForStina

I hope you find a project you like below in my latest Mode story and try your hand at it. Most of them are super easy to make. Have fun my fellow plant chicas!

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