Into The Woods: The Forest School Movement

Into The Woods: The Forest School Movement | Forest School Movement

If you've gotten to know me a bit so far, you'll know how much I love nature, so when I came across the idea of forest schools, I was in literal amazement. Having a 15 month old myself, the question of early childhood learning is at the corner of my mind these days. Should I go the traditional route, or should I look into alternative learning environments? I've chosen the latter.

With so many options out there, parents needn't feel restricted any longer. I am just opening up my eyes to so many possibilities, and I wanted to share some of that information with any of you who may be considering the same path.

Below, I've put together some very useful information about forest schools, their benefits and links to books that offer insight into something often overlooked - the impact of nature on our children. I hope you'll enjoy this story!

What are your thoughts on forest schools? Would you ever consider enrolling your child(ren) into one?