Moodboard | Modern Nordic and Boho Inspired Outdoor Space

Living in Oklahoma, being outside to enjoy the weather is a luxury. Not only is the weather bipolar, but it is either extremely cold or extremely hot for the most part of the year. In between, we're lucky to enjoy a good day or two during the week that is perfect - and for me, that means weather in the 70s - 80s! 

Now, being that I'm from an island, you can imagine how extreme this can be for me because what I'm used to back home on Guam is one of two things: rain or shine. Guam's two seasons - wet and dry -  means that if the sun isn't out, it's raining, but for the most part it's beautiful year-round. I miss being able to predict the weather almost every day and be able to enjoy outdoor activities. Since I feel serious deprivation, I jump on any opportunity to go to the park or just drive around to enjoy a good, sunny day and warm weather.

One of the things that I've been wanting to do is create a nice outdoor space on my patio so that I can enjoy any good weather on a moments notice. My sons and I enjoy going outside to get fresh air and enjoy the scenery, and we do get a nice view of the sunset, but one thing prevents us from staying outside for too long; The space is empty! I mean, let me elaborate on that. I have no furniture, no chairs, just a small wooden box with a marble slab on top to hold some plants, but that's it! I would show you a picture of it, but seriously, it's that embarrassing. 

It's been on my mind to do something with the space, but I just haven't had the budget to actually make it something worth doing. So, I've been searching for DIY projects on how I can make things myself for pennies of what it would cost to purchase something at the store. I've found a few DIYs, but not many that are simple and that don't require me to have some level of woodworking expertise or following-directions expertise (in my case). Measurements make me nervous.

So, when Douglas Elliman contacted me to be a part of their Florida Room Challenge, it came at the perfect timing. I had just come back from a family vacation from Florida - which I didn't want to come back from - and my patio had been on my mind for quite a while now. They asked me to share how I would style my dream Florida Room so that I could enjoy it year round. Challenge accepted!

What I decided to create was a space inspired by modern nordic and bohemian design. I've been into a cleaner, more minimalist and airy color palette, so I wanted to stick to warm neutrals and white. I didn't want to stick to a traditional beach feel but create something that was more modern, yet very casual and inviting. Take a look at what I put together and I will go further in depth with my choices toward the end of the post.

Moodboard | Modern Nordic and Boho Inspired Outdoor Space |

1  |  Round Paper Lanterns* | Target

2  |  Sisal Rug* | Kohl's

3  |  Kilim Turkish Cotton Throw* | Terrain

4  |  Ivory Throw Blanket | Layla Grace

5  |  White Wire Chair* | One Kings Lane

6  |  Cactus Garden* | Overstock

7  |  Bertoia Side Chair* | Design Within Reach

8  |  Ferox Aloe | Weylandts

9  |  Whitewashed Wood Wall Mural | Burke Decor

10  |  Macrame Wall Hanging* | Urban Outfitters

11  |  Tribal Pattern Throw Pillow* | Wayfair

12 |  Boston Fern Hanging Basket* | Overstock

13  |  Pear Lantern* | Amara

14  |  Seafarer Medium Lantern* | Zinc Door

15  |  'Morocco' Pillow* | Nordstrom

16  |  Decorative Pillow Sea Foam | Etsy

17  |  Artificial potted cactus | Selfridges & Co.


18  |  Ink Hatch Pillow - Ink* | Casa 

19  |  Cameo Cushion Amethyst* | Houseology 

20 |  Seafarer Small Lantern* | Zinc Door

21  |  Mini Artificial Succulent* | Norsdstrom

22 |  Tealight Lantern* | Amara

23  |  Relax Rope Accent Pillow | Kirklands

24  |  Quilted White Pillow | CB2

25  |  Art Club Concept Cushion | Superette

26 |  Mini Artificial Succulent* | Norsdstrom

27 |  Two Toned Grey Cushion* | Target

28  |  Artificial potted cactus* | Selfridges

29  |  Bungalow Sofa* | Serena & Lily

30  |  Sunshine Accent Chair* | Dot & Bo

31  |  Reversible Uncover Tripod Table* | Amara

32  |  Wire Storage Table* | Luisaviaroma

33  |  Melati Hanging Chair* | Anthropologie

34  |  Macrame Hanging Planter* | Urban Outfitters

via  Anne Sage



Before I created my mood board, I put together a Pinterest board of all of the outdoor spaces that I wanted to get ideas from, then used those photos to pick out items that I wanted to incorporate into my space. Since this is a "dream" mood board, I kinda went wild with it (a tad overboard), so fair warning that similar items can be found at cheaper prices. I chose each item based on aesthetics, not price, so I do plan on using this mood board as inspiration to find more budget-friendly pieces or ideas for DIY projects.

Here's the breakdown of how I was able to accomplish creating a modern nordic and bohemian inspired space:



On any given day, you can catch me obsessing over plants, so of course, they had to make an appearance in my Florida Room. Boston ferns are the perfect way to add lush greenery and that pop of color in this neutral space. They're also really easy to care for, so they're a perfect choice for me. I also had to include easy to care for succulents and cactus. I say the more plants the merrier, especially when the weather warms up. Bohemian spaces are all about that jungle vibe, so you can't overdo the plants. I'd say skip the fake plants and just go with the real deal. I've found that succulents and cactus are immune to my plant-killing tendencies, so I can't go wrong with them!



Creating a bohemian vibe called for different natural finishes and textures. For example, I chose a variety of finishes like this Sunshine Accent Chair* with a bamboo and wicker seat and this Whitewashed Wood Wall Mural made from reclaimed boards which has a myriad of different textures and stains. I also incorporated lighter shades of wood finishes like this Pear Lantern made from pine wood and this Reversible Uncover Tripod Table* in light ash and brushed metal in aluminum on the opposite side. The Seafarer Medium Lantern* and Seafarer Small Lantern* are made with a variety of natural materials: galvanized metal, fir wood, plywood, bamboo, and jute. I love that it has a gray tone to it, which can be seen repeating in this space. Other natural fibers can be seen in the macrame decor. The tripod legs of the Bungalow Sofa* and Sunshine Accent Chair* are also where that metal comes into play. For more metal on metal action, I chose the Wire Storage Table*, White Wire Chair*, and Bertoia Side Chair* for that clean modern look.




I knew that I wanted to add a boho touch to my outdoor space because I love modern macrame, a zillion plants, natural textures and finishes and a relaxed vibe. So, I added this Knotted Melati Hanging Chair* that is macrame perfection. Keeping with the macrame theme, I wanted to also include this Macrame Wall Hanging* that I thought would be perfect as a wall tapestry or to divide the space. Since this is my dream Florida Room after all, I couldn't go without this Macrame Hanging Planter* as well. Hanging plants are a must.



I wanted to incorporate a lot of seating, so I went in with a white Bungalow Sofa* with hairpin legs. I actually edited the sofa to have hairpin legs, so the sofa seen actually doesn't exist; The original sofa has a rattan base. I'm loving hairpin legs and thought how pretty it would be to use them as legs for a sofa. It would be great for the outdoors because it would be completely open and perfect for small spaces. They're also a good choice for the outdoors because animals or bugs can't hide under them and nest. The platform for the sofa would probably be some type of wood. I also love the look of wire chairs, so I also added those in to touch on the modern nordic feel I was going for. As you can see, since there are so many areas to sit, you can always create separate seating areas and move furniture around to change up the space entirely.



I wanted to make sure to include a lot of lighting so that the space can also be used in the evening, so the lanterns on the ground level add that perfect touch along with the hanging Round Paper Lanterns*. Tons and tons of pillows are a must as well as varying patterns and colors, but keeping with a soft color palette. The Kilim Turkish Cotton Throw* and Ivory Throw Blanket are to keep warm and bundle up to when it gets cold. I also added a Sisal Rug* to complete the space because I love outdoor rugs and how they make a space feel like an outdoor living space. I can definitely see myself enjoying this space. Every. Single. Day. There would be no reason to stay indoors with how comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming it looks!

I think I accomplished what I wanted for this room and more. It's the perfect space for any occasion and it would definitely make me happy on those days where I just want to get some fresh air in the comfort of my third story porch. I love how everything came together and how it really incorporates everything I want in an outdoor space. Thank you to Douglas Elliman for inviting me to be a part of this challenge. If you are on the lookout for amazing properties across the US, be sure to check them out, and if you're in need for some inspiration, head over to their Florida page. When I did, it just reaffirmed why my husband and I want to relocate there. 

I hope this inspires you to create a mood board for your outdoor space. Not only will it help you get all of your ideas together, but it will seriously make your dream space more attainable because it'll make your vision come to life. If you create a mood board, I'd love to see it! 

So, what do you think? How would you decorate your dream Florida Room? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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