Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

Baby, it's cold outside. But, inside, now that is a completely different story! I'm the type of person that loves to keep my home warm and toasty. And my baths - hot! No matter what season it is, a nice, hot bath is always a good idea, especially in the winter months.

Today, I'll be sharing my idea of a perfect relaxing bath during winter. It could be snowing and storming outside, but I want my bathroom to feel like a tropical green getaway straight out of a magazine. Not too much to ask, right? I'm going to show you how to do the exact same thing so you can also enjoy a little at-home retreat.

I'll also be talking about WETSTYLE, a high end bath furnishing brand headquartered out of Montreal that I simply fell in love with. Their bathtubs are a dream - and yes, I am currently dreaming of that perfect bathtub for my one-day dream home! Stay around toward the end of this post to see these beautifully modern, minimalist, and eco-friendly tubs that I speak of. I'm all over it and absolutely obsessed (can you tell)! | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

Would you believe that this entire setup only cost around $11! In Mariah Carey's famous words: yaaass, daaahhhling! As you can see, greenery and flowers can instantly transform an ordinary bath into something luxurious. | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

Sometimes you just need a quick little escape from reality, and in this case, winter! I'm all over this idea because the winter months can be a difficult time for me. I don't do well staying trapped inside with overcast weather, which is often the case during this time of the year. This is exactly something that would definitely cheer me up, and I'm hoping it will do the same for you, too! | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

When choosing flowers and greenery for your bath, go with what makes you happy! Baby's Breath and ferns are perfect for me because I don't consider them a splurge, so I won't feel guilty about buying them. They are just as beautiful as any other flowers (in my opinion), so I still get the same effect without spending a whole lot. I bought two bundles for around $7, and for that, I was very proud of. You could also sprinkle lavender petals in your bath, which I think would smell amazing! Grocery stores that sell bulk items usually have them in the spice section. | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

Now, if you're a bottle/glass hoarder like me, now's the time to put those bad boys to use. I have tons of them laying around the house, but I'm sure you can find some in your cabinets. The key is to repurpose what you do have, so any glass jars or bottles of varying sizes will do! The more the merrier, so come one, come all! Fill them with water, then arrange your flowers into each. If you want to get even fancier, head to your local Goodwill and pick up a bunch of quirky bottles. I picked up a few, and it was so worth it! | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

Now, arrange your ferns around your tub as you wish. I chose to do it on opposite corners to frame my tub. This literally only takes a few minutes! Save a few ferns and flowers to drop into the water - I swear, this is the prettiest thing you will EVER see! Floating leaves and flowers just make me imagine being in a river, which is so relaxing in itself. I just can't get over how beautiful it looks. | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

Finally, arrange tea light candles around your tub, and place your bottles on each corner of the tub to create a garden effect. Fill your tub with water and drop a few flowers and ferns in, followed by any bath products you may want to use. | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

The water will look a beautiful blue, and the flowers will cast the most beautiful shadows onto the walls. It's the most relaxing thing ever. Light those candles, and instantly be transported somewhere heavenly! | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

Doesn't it just look so relaxing!! I can't get over it. Now, since I do live in an apartment, it's even more special doing something like this every now and then. Sometimes living in an apartment can make you feel like you can't do certain things, but that shouldn't stop you from creating a space that you love.

You can still create a warm and inviting setting and make it feel like home, even if it is just a temporary living space. It took me a while to accept this fact, but once I did, my apartment became a home and felt like it. You don't need to have the perfect house to make things "feel" special or add a touch of luxury. | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

Don't forget relaxing music, a book, some wine? Whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed, do that! I can guarantee you that putting a little extra effort into setting all of this up will make all the difference. I instantly felt relaxed by this space, and I'm sure it will do the same for you!

Speaking of which, I told you I would talk about WETSTYLE and show you some of their stunning bath furnishings that I am utterly obsessed over. They seriously got me thinking about my dream bathroom, so I am excited to share a little bit about them and why I am so impressed. | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

First off, I adore the design of their bath furnishings. I mean, look at it! I am all about quality, and everything about this company stands for that. Most importantly, they use sustainable materials in the construction of their products and offer the purest and most environmentally friendly material in the industry with WETMAR BiO™, an eco-friendly thermo-insulating material made primarily from a mix of Mother Earth’s natural ingredients – soy and mineral stone.

I also love the fact that WETSTYLE has pioneered a proprietary and code-compliant recipe that uses soy and vegetable extracts to replace the petrochemical-based resins in heavy use by the industry. Excuse the geek-mode status, but this stuff gets me going!

Their Cloud Bathtub, pictured above illustrates their newest brand, W2 by WETSTYLE's design aesthetic perfectly: relentless attention to quality, simplified design, elegance, and timeless transitional design. | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

All of WETSTYLE's bathtubs and wash-basins are made exclusively from the WETMAR BiO™ material that I just mentioned, while its furniture is crafted from hand using sustainable hardwoods! We're talking real wood, which is hand-stained and sourced from renewable forestry - not to mention, moisture, stain, and damage resistant! 

The tub you see above is their Wave Bathtub, which is my favorite. How sleek is it! I love the clean lines and minimalist feel of their products. Their vanity floats, which gives the illusion of more space - perfect for smaller bathrooms. | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

If you know me, you may know that I am all about environmentally conscious companies. So, I was instantly intrigued with their attention to detail and their environmentally conscious philosophy. Of course, we can't ignore the fact that the design is simply gorgeous. Can I please just swap my tub for one of these really quick!?

Their new brand, W2 by WETSTYLE, which was introduced last year is designed for smaller spaces, so in all of these photos, you can see just how perfectly the bathtubs fit into such tight spaces without compromising design or function. | Treat Yourself To The Perfect Winter Bath

WETSTYLE has 250 showrooms across North America, Europe and the Caribbean in addition to it's headquarters in Montreal, so if you're in the market to makeover your bathroom with premium bath furnishings with a focus on design + sustainability, they are definitely worth a look! I know I will be bookmarking them for future reference.

Their bold and original designs have won many awards including Winner of the prestigious 2015 Green GOOD DESIGN Award for sustainable design, as Awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. How cool is that!

If you're interested in finding a WETSTYLE dealer near you, I have linked their "find a dealer" page at the button below.



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I hope you enjoyed this fun little post and that it inspires you to treat yourself a little special this winter! A special thank you to WETSTYLE for partnering with me to bring you this post.

What is your idea of a perfect bath for winter? I'd love to hear your tips in the comments below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of WETSTYLE. The opinions and text are all mine.