Wanderlust To Australia - A Day In Fremantle

Ever since I moved from Guam to the mainland USA in 2013, I have gained a greater appreciation for places closer to home. One of those places is Australia. It is a less than 5-hour flight from Guam, but I had never traveled there, and that makes me so sad now that I am living much further away. There are so many amazing places to visit in the Western Pacific, so my newfound appreciation has made me want to return back one day and explore the area.

Today, my wanderlust takes me to Western Australia’s largest and busiest cargo ports rich in history and the perfect destination for exploration in the area. Come along for a full day of adventure and bookmark for later if you plan to visit the region. This article is a helpful resource that will guide you through a full and eventful day in Fremantle. With the help of Katie from Be. Fremantle accommodation, we’ve put together the perfect locals guide to a one-day travel itinerary in Fremantle. Hope you have your walking shoes, cameras ready, and an appetite for exploration.

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Breakfast at Chalkey’s

Kick off your day with a cup of fresh brew from one of Fremantle’s most popular breakfast eateries, Chalkey’s. Join the locals who flock to the café for a delicious taste of the signature dishes – cakes and pastries, scrambled eggs made with truffle oil, muffins, and more. Dine in with exceptional service, enjoying the ambient background music while awaiting your hot meal to arrive at your table.

Fremantle Roadhouse

You’ll find Chalkey’s on High St., located in a high traffic area of Fremantle. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of parking for you, especially arriving early. If you need a landmark reference, look right across the street to see the Fremantle Roundhouse, a major tourist attraction.

Whaler’s Tunnel

Now that you’re stuffed and ready to begin the day, take a stroll along the avenue or venture through Whalers Tunnel, the first tunnel ever built in WA back in 1837.

Sightseeing on High Street

High Street is the perfect place to be for walking off your morning meal. Wander throughout the historic streets of the popular Fremantle district. There’s a ton to discover, from the landmark sights to the hidden laneways. Keep your camera ready as you move past the Fremantle Town Hall, town squares, and reaching the West End Heritage Area.

West End Heritage Area

The West End Heritage Area is a designated heritage region of Fremantle. Gaze your eyes upon the distinct architecture here. Old hotels, banks, and other buildings line the streets; some built as early as the late 1800s. It’ll be almost time for a quick snack after snapping all of those photos.

Kakulus Sisters Delicatessen

Hop on a tram to the Kakulus Sisters Delicatessen, one of Fremantle’s premier boutique shops on Market St. Pop in for some exotic cheeses, Mediterranean snacks, freshly made bread, or a handful of nuts before continuing your Fremantle journey.

Fremantle Markets

No trip to Fremantle is complete without visiting the Fremantle markets. You’ll be amazed by the offerings from over 150 vendors inside. Shop artisan crafts and souvenirs or taste test some local treats as you wind through the rows of stalls. Music fills the air, creating the perfect atmosphere for spending a part of your day. It’s a great chance to interact with locals, too! Learn about some of the hidden quirks about living in Freo and some recommended places to check out nearby.

Esplanade Park

All of this exploring of Fremantle deserves a break, especially in the Western Australia sun. Head down to Esplanade Park, the perfect destination for family picnics. Escape the city hustle-and-bustle in one of Freo’s popular green spaces. Let the kids run around the park’s fields while you lounge in the shade, enjoying picturesque views over the ocean. Park facilities include pavilions and benches for hosting your picnic meal.

Ferris Wheel

Be sure to look up while in the park to see the towering Ferris wheel. Grab a seat and take a smooth ride to the top of the wheel. Breath-taking views await you as you take in the bird’s eye view of the city below. See how many landmarks you can spot that you’ve seen earlier.

Fremantle Visitor Centre

At this point, we’re sure you’ve done your fair share of walking. Fremantle is a beautiful city to explore on foot, but there are so many more exciting things to see and do during your day in Fremantle. Head back up to the Fremantle Visitor Centre in the Fremantle Town Hall to make sure you won’t miss a thing.

The Fremantle Visitor Centre is your one-stop-shop for all things Fremantle. Hire a bike, grab park passes, book tours, or grab a map of the city to figure out your next destination. Official Fremantle Ambassadors, volunteers stationed at the visitor centre, can lend a hand with learning a bit more about Fremantle. They’ll be glad to give you a tour or point you in the right direction for your next activity. You can find out about the latest buzz for events happening during your stay. And the best part: FREE WIFI!

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South Beach

It’s time to experience one of the natural wonders of Fremantle that all visitors enjoy: the beach. There are several favorite beaches to choose from along the Western Australia coast. Hop on your bike and cruise along the trail running along the coast down to South Beach. South Beach is one of the main Fremantle Beaches, known for its white sands and blue waters. Kids will enjoy playing in the water or the grasslands and dunes around the beach.

South Fremantle

Take time to explore Fremantle’s trendiest area, South Fremantle. Boutique shops, cafes, and international dining options are all available in this part of town. You’ll have great views of the Fremantle Boat Harbour. Pick out your favorite boat docked here.

Fremantle Harbour

The Fremantle Harbour is a short bike ride away from South Fremantle. You’ll be glad that you saved the best part for last as the day winds down. Stop by the famous Joy Kitchen for the finest Cantonese style Chinese food in Fremantle. Fresh catch arrives daily from the harbour to the restaurants. Grab a plate of the best Fish and Chips in the world at Cicerello’s.

Bathers Beach

Before the day ends, head down to Bathers Beach, adjacent to the boat harbour. You’ll be just in time for the iconic Fremantle sunset. Sit back, relax, and watch as the sun drops below the boat masts in the harbour. You’ll soon realize that Fremantle is paradise by the time you return to your hotel for the night.

hellolovelyliving.com | Wanderlust To Australia - A Day In Fremantle

I hope you enjoyed today’s wanderlust. Australia is a destination that must be experienced at least once in your lifetime. I know for sure that I will visit one day and be in absolute awe over. There is so much beauty to experience there, and as this article has illustrated, there is so much to do and so much to see to make it worthwhile with memories to last a lifetime.